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Donation and Project 


Why make a donation to our association?
We give new oxygen to life thanks to new plantations
We promote Nature and events
We create educational activities for school groups

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Thanks to your donation you can help finance the events that are proposed at the Parco San Grato di Carona for the current year.


As a Friends Association of the San Grato Park, we are happy to receive a donation from various organizations or associations for the purchase of new varieties of plants to be planted in the park. More than 2,000 plants have been planted in 2017 for the 60th anniversary.

The association Amici del Parco San Grato has set itself the goal of making improvements to the San Grato Park to make it more attractive to the public.


Thanks to the support of UBS (Union of Swiss Banks) the project for the 3 didactic tables and educational cards with our partners Ficedula Association, Birdlife has been completed.

The designer Paola Ricceri I made all the hand drawings for the didactic tables.


Maltempo Project 2019-2021:

Following the bad weather of October 31, 2018 which destroyed as many as 200 trees of the San Grato Park in one night, the association Amici del Parco San Grato with the authorization of the Ente Turistico del Luganese has activated a fundraising campaign.


How can you help the San Grato Park?


Every penny crop or proposal for help will bring back a green leaf in our simply fabulous San Grato Park. Your donations can be paid into our account indicating "Project Bad Weather"


Our association has been recognized by the Canton of Ticino as an association of public utility without pursuing profit as it promotes the San Grato Park at an international level preserving its characteristics and organizing events and events open to the general public. Therefore, once you receive your donation, you will be provided with a donation certificate so that you can attach the document to your tax return.


If you have other projects to propose, do not hesitate to contact us at the following e-mail address:


Our bank account details:

UBS Lugano

IBAN: CH70 0024 7247 1832 6740 W


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Amici Parco San Grato

Via Vergiò 9

6932 Breganzona

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